Audio Project (Flash version): 

Bill Viola Report: 

  1. sluu2811 says:


    This was really different. A for effort. I love the layout because it makes the works seem 3 dimensional. The reason I say this is that the report was laid out very clearly with images of the works that conveyed almost every aspect of the real thing and whatever it didn’t convey, your descriptions of them filled in the gaps and brought the whole experience to life. The other aspects of your report that I found intriguing were your own opinions and experiences as they portray the works through the eyes of the viewer and your quotes from Bill Viola which represent the artist’s motivation and his predictions of the audiences reactions. I also liked how you split up the descriptions of images and sounds to translate the meanings of both categories to the reader.

    Overall, your report was easy to read, very descriptive and very professional. 🙂

    P.S (as a friend)….Duuuuddddeeeeee?!?! How much work did you put into this?! :O

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