Report of Electronic Magazine

written by Jing Xu-11148994

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRwu2OeImNU   (Video of  operation an Electronic magazine)


This research report discusses the electrical magazine which is a new type of media. Since the electrical magazine came out,traditional media has been facing a huge revolution, from  “only paper” publications to “multiple choice”  which has changed the habits of many people. As part of this shift, the electrical magazine  has created a new market form for businesses to promote themselves.

I have done some researches from those aspects in the list:

  • Definition

What is electrical magazine?

  • Historical

How did electrical magazine come out? How long have been creating?

  • Features

The features of the electronic magazines .What is the difference between the traditional magazine and the electrical magazine? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each

  • Development

Is it going to completely replace traditional publications?

  • My own experience of making a electronic magazine


There are a lot of names for the electrical magazine, such as digital magazine, network magazine, multi-media magazine, Ezine, E-zine,etc.

Many specialist electrical magazine publishers define electronic type magazines as something that is sent out by email to a subscription list or as a newsletter. Others say that the electrical magazine is an electronic newsletter or magazine, regardless of the method of electronic distribution, that it could be reside on a website, intranet system or be sent through any network including the Internet.

Electrical magazines came out when the development of internet reached Web 2.0[1].By the technique P2P[2], the effect of paper magazines could be  imitated on the computer, by just using a mouse one could turn over the ‘pages’ to read the content of the electronic magazines. Electrical magazines then had a professional technique and professional content which could be  published and broadcasted through the internet. We can say that the electrical magazines is the powerful combination of traditional media and internet technology.


We should consider that electrical magazine have taken an important role in the field of medium.  But the question remains, how did electrical magazine come out? Who was the inventor or initiator of it?

Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association hired Bell Labs and Ero Park to develop a system of communication and they became the first people to start using the name of E-Mail or electronic mail in 1960. Additionally, even earlier, they were sending out correspondence  which had the  format of the electronic newsletter and electronic magazine.

So, even though back then it was not called the “electronic magazine”. we can say it was an electronic magazine already. Due to the advance of  technology, it is not important which one came first, it is not necessary to discuss which came first “the chicken or the egg”.

1994, the completely electronic magazine first came out.

1997, the earliest publisher of electronic magazine—“DE” published the second generation of electronic magazine, but still does not get the  attention of readers.

2005, the third generation came out by the development of P2P, internet, multiple media. After that, there more than 30 websites making their own magazine, more than  2000 different type electronic magazines on the web provided to read. Then electronic magazine enters a key stage in its development.


Electronic magazines are not simply digital editions of the traditional one; it was developed by the changing concept of reading. It combines the traditional paper and interaction media. In some way you can find its own unique functionality, but also there always have some new problems. so we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages.


The electronic publication maintains most attributes of the traditional   paper publications such as: they also edit in the orders, contained fixed columns and  are  published regularly in the certain period time. But because of the transferring body have been changing from paper to internet, so it makes electronic magazines getting incomparable superiority and stronger function in the audio-visual.?

  • Convenience

After you download it, you can read it anytime and anywhere, even where there is no internet. Electrical magazines are good entertainment in the air, hotel, etc,any situations in existence a note book. Also it is easier to store, you can saving as much as your hard drive can handle, and it weighs nothing and only takes invisible space on your hard drive. Also ,in general, traditional magazines are published by district, so it is difficult to get magazines or newspapers from different cities if they don’t published in your town, but now in a short time you can get all the magazines you want from all over the world, there is no need for magazine postal anymore.

  • Gathering the people

Most electronic magazines request or provide readers with registration of a user name on their mother website, why do they need do this? Just think how does a gate website does business? Though visitors!  Those gate websites need people from internet to extend its influence which an electrical magazine can be a good tool for. There is a good example in China, the No 1 electronic magazine – “polo” is a company that has over 7,400,000 register accounts, it covers almost 90% customer of broad band. “Pocozine” is the first electronic magazine of “polo” ,it has more than 5,700,000 readers. All of these figures show us that electronic magazine got a lot more readers than traditional one.

  • Economic

Obviously, electronic magazine save the cost of paper and printing which effectively lowers the publication cost. This will encourage people to make their own magazine or broadcast some newsletters on the internet.

Also the electrical magazine became a new media of advertising for different business. Due to progress of the audio-visual, it helps the business promotion with multiple contents. We can say this situation is “win-win”, the electrical magazine business has more options from cost and method to promotion, in the same time bringing the profit for their own electronic magazine.

  • Technology

The electronic magazine is the outcome of the development of  digital technology, just like digital music and digital TV is a result of the digital generation. The improvement of technique makes electronic magazine filled of modern feeling by the multiple composition and abundant vivid, audio-visuals.

  • Environmental protection

Paper media produces pollution in the process of making it, and also a depletion of timber resources, therefore the electrical magazine matches the environmental protection topic that is so important nowadays.


  • Limited formats of electronic magazine

General electronic magazine only can be .EXE or flash, you cannot research from internet by the contents of the electronic magazine, so it makes only the title really important.

  • Virus

Due to most of  the formatting of electronic magazine is .EXE,also need you download first, so it been increasing the risk of getting some virus.

  • The quality and timing

The multiple contents general made by flash, costs a lot of labour and is time consuming. If you produce the magazine by magazine software, you cannot modify it while you produce, you only can redo it.

  • Printing

You only can print it out page by page, and importantly in printing it,  it will lose the advantage of audio-visual.


  • Electronic magazine will become a key element of the gate websites or any other website if they want develop or extend themselves.
  • Enriching   the contents of the electronic magazine. Nowadays contents of the most electronic magazines still are flash, pictures. So we need more original writers or ideas to gain the readers.
  • How can we make the profit or increase the income of the electronic magazine? It was free in the beginning, so we need face the problem of letting readers purchase them, making the readers who want access to pay for it.
  • Given the nature of electronic magazines, they always have to catch up with the new media concepts and new technologies.


My own electronic magazine

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnlp0NkJcc8  (experience of doing electronic magazine)

I have produced an electronic magazine though a software, it only took me 20 minutes to understand the software and produce one. Compare the first electronic magazine which I put in the beginning, mine is really poor quality, but I really enjoy making it. So apart from reading the electronic magazine you also can make one yourself. It is convenient and very easy to make. If you want your magazine to be more stylish, you need to master the skills of flash, Photoshop, etc, so there is always space to develop yourself and your magazine.

Once you start becoming interested and getting into it even just have a look or try, it all will help the website or  the electronic magazines gaining people, reputation and profit. Then  the business, having a good opportunity to develop their technology and company,so they can invest more in the company. It is a “win-win “situation between readers and company.

 Here are 12 steps that have proven useful to many people just starting out


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[1] web 2.0:the term of it is  Web 2.0 is associated with web applications that facilitate participatory information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web.

[2] P2P:peer to peer, computing or networking is a distributed application architecture that partitions tasks or workloads between peers. Peers are equally privileged, equipotent participants in the application. They are said to form a peer-to-peer network of nodes.

  1. Jerome Yeum says:

    This is very good Research Report. It is very well-organized and clear and even you put your own work as well. I really enjoyed watching that. In your report, the completely electronic magazine first came out in 1994 but, actually I didn’t really know what an electronic magazine is and even I have not heard about that name before. (What a shame!) Thanks for the new and interesting information! This is quite different form of media object for me and also I want to try to make my own E-magazine like you. I think this is distributed online over a computer network rather than being printed on paper and it seems like, it is going to be more commercialized or maybe it already is!

    After I read your report, I also did some research about that… Hopefully, it can support your report.

    The term ezine is short for “electronic magazine.” “E-zine” and “e-Zine” are spelling variations. A similar term is “ejournal.” There are several usages of the term ezine. The term is similar to zine, which is derived from magazine and is used to describe “small press” or personally distributed magazines or newsletters.

    1) An early use of the term ezine described a new kind of Web site that contained a stylized mixture of content (articles, pictures, poetry, fiction, and comment) conveyed in a way that exploited and celebrated the Web as a new information medium.

    2) Some ezines publishers saw ezines as an opportunity to reach an audience electronically and more economically than was possible with print medium. As a result, hundreds of Web site ezines were created, each devoted to a special cause, subject, or sensibility. This kind of ezine is roughly the cyberspace equivalent of the printed version and when printed out, is in fact, the equivalent.

    3) The term is also used to describe any print magazine such as National Geographic or Newsweek that also has an electronic edition.

    4) The term also sometimes includes e-mail newsletters, of which there are thousands that can be subscribed to. Some of these refer to themselves as zines or ezines.

    Good work and well done!

  2. thanks for the comments,jerome!
    also it is nice you did research!
    well,the software of electronic magazine is really convenient.
    Also i found out one more point,due to could not have the academically support,so i did not put in my report:
    according to my research:
    there is some difference between Chinese electronic magazine and western electronic magazin.
    In China,electronic magazine is very high activity,and Chinese concept did not count “.pdf” or any other text format in the group of electronic magazine.Only format with “.exe” Chinese considering is electronic magazine,which contain a lot of flashes,music,videoes,etc.More technology of audio-visual required.This is also the concept in my report.
    In western website(google) research “E-zine”,some time you can find the convertion of the printing publishes to “PDF”format.

    • mimifoxliu says:

      i like electrical magazine and i have tried to design some by myself using a simple software~
      this report show me more information about the e-magazine~ and i think this area is much developed in western countries than in China~
      after i read ur report, i focus on the “economic” in the Feature, coz i have learned a lot about advertisement in China~ haha~ exactly, e-zine is a good way to show advertisement in the high-tech period, we have more and more people buy things on the internet and they read e-zines, so… it is really good for the economic~
      in addition, the music and sound of the e-zine, makes people feel that they r reading the real magazine, and the music will help people to read it more slowly and will not feel boring. as a result~~~ readers get the information including the Ads potentially~
      thank u Jing~ it is a good research report~ the advice is that: support me some website which can read e-zines for free~~~~ haha~~~ thank u

  3. hey,Mimi,thanks for the comments.
    http://www.xplus.com.cn/ this is one of the pioneer e-zine company which i surfing a lot.
    It is good to hear about your opinion.The greatest thing you have beening using it and touching the electronic magazin from western and China.
    I do not agree about your opinion of “this area is much developed in western countries than in China”though:)
    During my researching,i found out that Chinese have more types of electronic magazine than western,actually most of them are orginal concept and content which only for electronic magazin,does not have any printing publisher.

  4. Hey Jing, this report is very well written and give a clear understanding about Electronic Magazine. by reading your report now I understand why you thought that Electronic Magazine might be a kind of Electronic Literature. I have mentioned some differences of these two on my page as a reply to your comment but I may also add to that, according the definition of Electronic Magazine you mentioned it is defined as a newsletter while Electronic literature in the term of literature is most commonly used to refer to works of the creative imagination, including works of poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction. Anyway whether they have some features in common or not, both can be considerate the same in term of Electronic 🙂

  5. Thanks sherry for the commentary,just due to electronic magazin can have widely multiple contents in any shape,and still developing by imagination and technology so i had the idea.
    After your explaining,i think there are some remakeable difference concern with the purpose.It is so good receiving your reply,thanks sherry.

  6. purpledray says:

    Very interesting. I’ve been reading a few electronic magazines on my friends’ iPads, and the function and layout of those are very well-designed and easy to use. You have done a considerable amount of research on your topic, especially using specialised software to create your own. It would be good to see a copy of your one, which would even have enhanced your report.

    The iPad app that I have used to read magazines is Zinio (http://au.zinio.com/) and Flipboard (http://flipboard.com/) which you mind find interesting. Also the Vanity Fair App probably has the best electronic magazine layout on a touch-screen device. Wired magazine are being given away this month on the iPad as well(!)

    Great read!

    • hey,thanks for the comments o-dray!
      Thats right!app is a very thoughtful angle to see electronic magazine in nowadays.To b hoest,i was not a fan of apple’s product,eventually i can ignore the power of apple’s product,especially now i am study in the filed of media.So as a successful tech or material more or less have to catch up with the fashion-app in ipod touch,ipad,mac,etc……
      thanks,o-dray brought me a new point of view.
      enjoy a break,looking forward see u on sound-cloudy:)

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